Retreat information

​May 2018
​ Channeling Retreat ​with
​Tina Louise Spalding

​Channeling Ananda and Jesus

 ​​Location: The Golden Garden Retreat Center, Crete. Dates, May 7th-11th, 2018 inclusive.

Tina Louise Spalding

Author, Public Speaker

Ananda & Jesus Channelings

The ancient island of Crete beckons, calling to that timeless element in all of us. Inviting you to deepen your practice and understanding of the teachings coming through Tina Louise Spalding at this wonderful mountain top enclave.

​The ​Beautiful Mediterranean

Gaze out over the beautiful Mediterranean as you contemplate the days teachings, enjoy healthy and fresh top quality, local cuisine by a local chef, stretch yourself with daily yoga practice, visit a local beach, market or historical site during free time, and most of all, commune with your fellow seekers of light and immerse yourself for a few days in the heart of these teachings, up close and personal with Ananda, Jesus and Tina.


​Daily Yoga practice
with organic locally grown food

​I am very happy to be able to offer a European retreat for all of you in our amazing family on the other side of the Atlantic. The new owners of this beautiful space are beings I met on my Sedona retreat last year.

We shared some amazing experiences there, and you can imagine how excited I was to find out that they had decided to purchase a retreat in the Mediterranean, one of my all time “must see” places . And so, a collaboration began.

Included in the price

Daily Channelings

Two wonderful sessions daily ​with Tina channeling Ananda & Jesus.

Yoga classes

A daily Yoga Class in the morning.

​Special Events

​Various surprise events.

Chef prepared meals

3 meals a day provided from local producers.


Meeting like minded seekers and students of this work in person. Building new friendships.

Spiritual progress

The opportunity to ask questions to Tina/Jesus/Ananda directly and enhance your spiritual development.

This is an exceptional and rare opportunity to hang out
with these amazing teachers, so book your spot now.

​Retreat Price per person ​900 Euros
​Above Price is without accommodations.

Spaces Are Limited

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