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Jesus Channels On The Dakota Access Pipeline Dispute
Jesus Channeling – Dakota Access Pipeline Demonstration- 2016 Your country (United States) is in the beginning stages of a revolution.[...]
What Does Jesus Think Of The Election ?
Jesus on the US election 2016 - channeled by Tina Spalding Your obsession with war is the underlying problem in[...]
Jesus Tells Us What To Do To Prepare For Societal Changes
Question: In your new book you speak of banks closing their doors and businesses being shut in a few years.[...]
How to heal from Trauma
How to heal from Trauma Indeed, we are here again beloved humans, to bring to you the messages that you[...]
How to Break Free
This article is about How to Break Free. And we are withy you again dear one, always happy to bring[...]
Turning Point
This article is about Humanity´s Turning Point and we are with you again dear one, ready as always to bring[...]