Costa Rica Channeling Retreat

March 12th-17th, 2019

5 days 5 nights!

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Tina Louise Spalding
Author, Public Speaker

Ananda & Jesus Channelings

We will be holding a 5 day event at this beautiful location in early March 2019. Our confirmed dates are March 12th-17th- 5 days and 5 nights!

This gorgeous location is on the West coast and offers wonderful temperatures at this time of year. Beach, pool and sun… and, of course Ananda and Jesus ,perfect for a late winter get away.

Costa Rica is the land of pura vida (pure life); one of the happiest places on Earth  Nestled in Central America and beautifully rugged in nature,it contains nearly 6% of the biodiversity of the planet and a myriad of activities for all to enjoy. This small country is home to friendly, multicultural and multilingual people who choose to maintain their freedom without an army. Spiritual seekers find comfort in itsnatural beauty and peaceful nature. Its miles of beaches, tropical weather and delicious food make it a wonderful destination for our gathering.

Our retreat resort is located in the Nicoya Peninsula of Guanacaste, one of the 5 Original Blue Zones -the healthiest, happiest, places on Earth. Combined with the teachings of Tina, Jesus and Ananda, thispromises to be a life-changing experience. If your adventurous self is calling, click here to requestadditional information or to register.

Please contact Carol at to be put on our information list for this event.

Accommodations and 3 meals a day are all provided for 25+ attendees and staff.

Transportation to and from the airport and daily excursions to the beach are included.

Full itinerary is in development and will be sent after your full registration.


$1,995 USD and up (depending on accommodations)

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