Jesus Channeling –

Dakota Access Pipeline Demonstration- 2016

Your country (United States) is in the beginning stages of a revolution.

Now, it is not a revolution of violence, although you may believe so looking at what is happening on the ground there, but what is happening is a revolution of mind and that is the most important revolution that you can have. Why is that so? Well, a revolution of mind means that you begin to transform what is generating behavior.

So when you look at the two different sides on this argument, you have native American, indigenous people, who are bringing non-violent attention to the subject, that means they are using love as their motivation; love for the land, love for the water, and they are indeed, using love for the police officers, to whom they are speaking and against whom they are acting in a non-violent way. They are bringing love to those police officers because they are not throwing Molotov cocktails at them, they are not shooting at them, they are not doing anything to them, they are, in fact, giving them a very powerful lesson. They are not only giving the police officers a powerful lesson, they are giving all of you a very powerful lesson.

What they are doing is showing up peacefully with a positive outcome in their mind; saving the water, keeping the river flowing, free of pollution, and they are not bringing negativity and hate to it.

This is the lesson that you must all learn as you watch it, because what has happened to you, as victims of your mass media, is that you have been trained to be violent, and that does not just mean physically, but mentally and verbally as well. So when you look at an event such as this, because of the training you have had, watching war movies for decade after decade, watching violent entertainment in your mass marketed television shows, about zombies and violent ancient societies (Game Of Thrones)- what ever the shows are that you have been watching, these have planted thousands and thousands of images of violence, hatred, murder, rape, decapitation, these sorts of things into your mind, as have your commercials, indoctrinating you into materialism and lower forms of obsession, we will call it; money and bodies. So when you, as an audience, watch these videos playing out, you bring up, in your mind, the raw materials that you have, not anybody else, chosen to put in there.

Now, these beings that are demonstrating the Yin and Yang, these beings that are demonstrating the light and the dark, if you will, are not perfectly bad or perfectly good, they are demonstrating the choices that every one of you have every moment of every day. The police officers on those front lines, whether they be legitimate police officers or hired guns, if you want to call it that, are beings that have sided with violence. Now, there are many of those police officers, we will say, that are crying out for help on an energetic level because they have been indoctrinated into the system even more intensely, their livelihoods often depend on them doing as they are told. But they are playing out their role in the collective consciousness of your current society.

Your current society is undergoing a love revolution, and it is playing out in the microcosm in this location, and it is playing out in the microcosm of your own life and your own mind. We want you to know that your society arises from the collective, it does not arise from one of you, and what has been done to all of you is a mass infection of violence.

So in my teachings, thousands of years ago, I taught about the same thing, this was the same drama playing out, and over the two thousand years since that ministry was enacted on the physical Earth plane, you have had hierarchical structures that have not only used my teaching, in a distorted way, but have had a great influence over the collective consciousness through indoctrination programs such as your education system, churches, religions and now television. What we want you to know now, is that the social media programs that are running are also intending to try and manipulate your minds, but what we are here to do is to educate you about the Laws Of Creation.

The Laws of Creation are this; whatever frequency you consistently hold, in your heart and in your mind will manifest objects, people, places and things of that frequency. It is law, there are no opting out clauses in this law of creation. It does not matter if you intend good if you hold the frequency of hatred and fear. That is what the mass teachings of your society have done to you as a collective, and that is what you must undo as an individual, because you are committing error upon error when you hate those police officers.

We want you to see what those indigenous people are actually doing. They are acting in accord with a higher principle than violence, they are acting in accord with a higher principle than profit. They are acting in accord with a higher principle than simply venting. They have collected together and they have decided, that together in love and peace, they can transform a seemingly irreparable situation.

What you must do as an individual is not buy into your training, which is to attack, judge, hate and rant. What you must do, as an individual, is see that the frequency of combat is not what you want to propagate. Look at the combative energy of the police and ask yourselves – is that what you want to produce more of in your world? Look at the peaceful, community focused, holding space and purpose that the indigenous people are practicing, and ask yourself- how powerful is it? Is it showing itself to be a more appealing way of being? Yes it is. So don’t join in with attack and judgment, join in with support, community, love, vision and an understanding of the Laws Of Creation.

The laws Of Creation are not laws that you can avoid, and if you go into this exchange in whatever way you do, without understanding the Laws Of Creation, you will be contributing to the hatred and the materialism and the capitalism. What you must also do, of course, is begin to change your own behavior in your own life, so that you are not supporting the pipeline paradigm. That means that you must begin to look at how much gasoline you are using, how big your vehicle is and why you are using a gasoline powered vehicle.

Now we understand, in your society, that there are many subsidies by governments supporting gasoline powered vehicles, so we would suggest, as part of your participation in your demonstration of support of these native and indigenous people, that you begin to write letters to your government, telling them that you want all subsidies and support of the oil industry to be systematically removed and shifted over to clean energy. Now if the millions of you that are watching these videos, did just that you would see a response from your governments because they are affected by your behavior. Society is affected by your behavior.

So as you watch these videos, as you, perhaps, offer financial support which is another which is a wonderful way of helping the love revolution, take some time to write to your member of government, take some time to connect with whoever is the political representative that you support, and tell them that you want all of the subsidies that are currently being given to petroleum and oil based industries to be systematically changed and that you will holding them responsible for bringing forth clean energy bills and clean energy initiatives in the future.

Those of you that are not directly related to the United States, educate yourself on what your governments are doing, they too are doing this. If the millions of you that share these videos did that, you would see beings looking up from the status quo understanding that a revolution is afoot. But each of you must begin to see where your behavior supports the old way or supports the new way.

Where are you acting like the police? Are you watching violence? Are you talking violence? Are you speaking hateful words? Where can you act more like the indigenous people? Honoring the land, valuing clean water, seeking for a more peaceful resolution to the problems – in your own mind first of all.

Your mind is where all of this takes place. You cannot change your behavior unless you understand your mind. We bring forth these teachings through this being so that you may see that behavior arises from the quality and frequency of your own consciousness. Do not watch violence and expect peace to break out. It will not happen. You must bring peace to your mind and you must bring a profound understanding of the Laws Of Creation and begin to act in accord with those laws.

This being is bringing through many recordings and many books and will be travelling from place to place this coming year offering public demonstrations of these teachings in which you will be able to dialogue with us, and in which you will be able to ask personal and pertinent questions. But there is a universal truth at play here; the frequency that you hold in your mind, the things you focus on and the things you consume, will manifest out into the world to show you what it is that you value. Do you value oil? Do you value violence? Do you value conflict? If you are saying yes to those based on the descriptions that e have offered, then stop attacking other people as the “bad guy” and turn your thoughts and your actions and your contemplations to your own interior, and ask yourself how you can shift your consciousness.

We ask you to visit the website that this being has had produced for these purposes, and there you will find much free information (over 100 You Tube videos), contacts and connections to the books that we have brought through. We are here to assist humanity in the evolution and the love revolution that is coming. You are seeing it on the ground, you are hearing it in the voices of all of you that have had enough of this system of oppression and darkness that has ruled your planet for too long. It is time now, to step towards the light, to turn away from the darkness and to begin to train your minds into understanding, into love and into compliance with the Laws Of Creation as they exist.

You cannot undo the Laws Of Creation, they are there as an absolute, and you must follow them. You are all following them but you are manufacturing misaligned objects, people places and things. Once you get your heart, mind, voice and body in alignment with truth, you will be able to bring into being that world which you want. But make sure, when you look at these demonstrations, you truthfully assess what side you are on. If you are on the right side, well done, keep it up! If you are on the wrong side, go inside and ask yourself- where am I watching violence for entertainment? Where am I using aggressive or hateful words? Where am I warring in my mind? This is where it all begins. It does not begin out in the world, the world is merely a reflection of the inner condition of your society.

We are that one that you know as Jesus and we want to support you in your evolution. This is why we do this work and this is why this being allows us to do this work through her, so that you may join in the love revolution. But you must understand the Laws Of Creation first.

We will speak to you again at another time.

Jesus through Tina Louise Spalding
December 2016
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