Jesus  Tells Us What To Do To Prepare For Societal Changes

Question: In your new book you speak of banks closing their doors and businesses being shut in a few years. Are we to prepare ourselves for a breakdown of the system for a few months or more? Please speak more on this.
Your sister from the same mister

Jesus: Your fears of the destruction of the society are paradoxical and confusing at times for those of us on this side. We hear millions and millions of prayers and supplications every day from people asking for change. We hear the cries of those of you who are living in a way that you don’t want to live over and over and over again. And those cries of suffering and disillusionment and upset are coming with great emotion behind them. And it is important for you to understand that this kind of prayer is what creates. When you have a very intensely focused mind charged with emotion you get what you ask for. And that is what is going to happen on your planet. You are going to get a new society, but to get a new society there has to be a change of guard, there has to be a transformation of the systems you are seeing, of the systems that you are used too, and of the systems that are limiting you. This is why we are bringing forth these teachings at this time and that is why this being has been in training to bring forth this information. The mechanisms are invisible to you as “peasants” in a patriarchal and hierarchical systems, many of you are in the lower rungs of influence in your society. And so you don’t really know what is going on, you have laws passed down to you, you have trade agreements written on your behalf and you must comply with them. If you break a law, if you break a rule you are slapped on the wrist, punished, fined, thrown in jail and you have seemingly no power to shift these systems.

What you haven’t understood is that you are the creator of these systems, because you believe in your powerlessness, because you fear freedom, because you have come to fear nature. You have become dependent on systems that are very precariously balanced and are not love based, and so they cannot thrive and continue. So if you have a system that is initially created from passion, and that is what some of your systems are, just because one person who had influence created a law that they were passionate about in that moment does not mean that it can be maintained if a lot of other people are passionately against it.

So this is what you are looking at in your society. You are looking at a society that is very young, it is a very baby society. If you just look at your technological innovations and your electrical systems and your food and fuel distribution systems, they are precariously balanced, they are a house of cards that it takes very little to disrupt. And they are very, very new, and they are unnatural and they are not love based. So it is very clear from our point of view that something that is not love based is not going to thrive and survive for very long at all.

Now, most of you have such a short attention span that you think of your life as a long time, but your life is not a long time as it relates to a culture and its development and its evolution. You have been immersing yourself in this materialism, capitalism experiment for a very short time, relatively speaking, and look at the havoc that it has caused. Look at the destruction of your environment and your water ways and your acrocultural lands and your blessed beings that it has caused, and you fear losing it? This is very interesting to beings of higher frequency when we see the suffering and devastation of this beautiful planet that is being caused by the use of petroleum products and paper alone, seeing beautiful forests cut down, animals losing their homes, water ways being devastated by soil erosion and mud slides and chemicals, washing off the fields, from these pollutants that you spray on your foods.

FOR GOODNESS SAKES DEAR ONES, DO NOT BE SO ATTACHED TO THE SYSTEM! Do not be so convinced that this is a good thing. It is not a good thing and it cannot continue on because it is not love-focused.So, these are not threats, these are merely the realities and probabilities of your society’s trajectory.

Your financial systems ask you to give them all your money and they keep it. They keep it for years and years and years, and you expect it to be there when you want it. It has gone. It has left the building. They have spent it. They are lending money they don’t have, they are taking money and moving it away from the systems that need it into the top of the pyramid, that is the one percent that you hear referred to.

Now some of you will say that Jesus would not talk about these systems. But I talk about whatever systems are at play and whatever system I am speaking to. This is not the Jesus of your bible, this is not the Jesus of your fantasy world. This is a real system that you have created from misaligned thoughts. This is now a system that is being changed from supplications and prayers that are heartfelt and genuine.

There are many parents for example who go to work each day and put their children in daycare and are exhausted and overstimulated and working so hard to maintain the system they have been told they should maintain, and every night they go to sleep and pray for something to free them from this horror, so that they may hang out with their children more. Those beings are going to get their wish. They will go to work one day and the doors will be closed. There are beings that hate money, there are beings that are constantly saying “I hate money, I hate this system, I don’t want to have to work for money anymore, there must be a better way.” This is the revolution that is happening and we are bringing this information to you so you can begin to prepare your minds for a shift in your society. Just as slavery was once a common economic pursuit, just think about that. People sold and bought people and used them as if they where animals, killing them, raping them, using them, murdering them, all of these terrible things, destroying families. This was normal, this was a main source of economic development a few hundred years ago. And there were beings that were evolving their consciousness that saw that this system was defunct, that this system was abusive, this system was cruel, this system was inhuman and evil in some ways, if you want to use this word. Evil is just a lack of love, that is all it is and that was what slavery was, and you have become modern slaves, many of you. Feeling unable to leave because you… these… bills, … to feed…, slavery,… it was a revolution, it was a love revolution. There have not been that many love revolutions in your society but that was one of them and it was a violent and disruptive thing. And trust us, the slave traders were not happy about that transformation. The builders of wooden wheels for carriages were not happy when cars came along. They had to find new work and there were people who were displaced from their current source of income and they had to get creative.

Well, guess what, Spirit is not upset when you have to get creative. Spirit is not upset when you leave an unloving system for a loving system. But all of you have the ability to begin that change now. That means look out at your front door, and if a green space is available to you, that means you have a lawn, dig up your lawn and prepare to plant food next year. That is a natural and logical thing to do. Now you can do it in a way that does not upset your neighbors, you can make it look quite lovely. You will be non-conforming so there are going to be some people who show up and say you can’t do that, but this is the revolution that must take place. You must begin to take back your power and say “I am allowed to grow vegetables instead of flowers, I am allowed to grow vegetables instead of grass, this is my right.” But if nobody is brave enough to do it guess what, the system that continues will continue. But this house of cards has begun too wobble, and you know what happens to a house of cards once it begins to wobble. There is this momentum that builts up from the wobble and it cannot be stopped, you cannot stop a house of cards of falling once it has begun to wobble.

But this is where you must understand that you are the creator of everything. If you focus on what you’re going to lose you will go into fear and low frequency emotions and you will attract to you negative experiences. If you look at where you are powerful, that means you envision the world you want to see, you envision school systems that are kind and creative and give lots of out door time to children where they’re loving and encouraged to be who they are, who they want to be, if you envision a world where all of your food is organic, that these chemicals are outlawed because they are dangerous, this is sanity. Begin to envision that world. Support the organic food growers in your neighborhood. Do not tell the story that you can’t afford it, tell the story that you cannot afford not to do it. These are where your beliefs play such a great role in creating the experience that you will have as this transition goes along.

So if you have any savings for example, we would suggest that you begin to look at ways that you can enhance your independence from systems that may become unstable. So for example, if you have a large savings account and you look at your backyard and you think “Wow, I could put a really nice garden there but I haven’t done it, I’m going to take some of that money and I’m going to built some bed and bring some organic soil in and I’m going to begin to garden, because I may very well go to a grocery store one day and there won’t be that much to choose from. I would like to walk out into my garden and pick fresh tomatoes and fresh latices and dig up some tomatoes and carrots and onions, these are things that I would like to be able to have should this very precarious system stop functioning.” Even if your system stopped functioning for two weeks most of you would be suffering.

So we are not asking you to look at these things because we are cruel, or we are trying to torment you or we are threatening you with anything, we are merely asking you to look at the reality of what you have created through your participation and the constant belief in the limitations that have been fed to you. We are telling you a different story, and I told you a different story 2000 years ago when I was incarnated on the physical plane. I talked about your divine nature, I talked about your ability to work miracles. This is not a new story. You must ask yourself, why has this story been kept from us? Why has this story been distorted so that you must convert to a religion and become restricted and fearful and afraid of hell? Why did it get transformed into that story? Because it does not empower you. You have become victims of a system that teaches dis-empowerment across the board.

We are here to encourage you, so don’t be afraid. We are here to invite you into your internal world so that you can see where your fears are being generated. I believe in the body. I believe that I will suffer and die if I don’t have a job. Where did that come from? Who taught me that? Why do I believe that?

The trouble in your society is that many of these systems are thousands of years old and so they have become what you think of as natural, but they are not. We again ask you to look at the natural systems of life, and we know that you have become separated from those systems and when you look around at your urban environments and the fact that you don’t have gardens, some of you, and you have jobs and debts, these are all aspects that make you feel limited because you are participating in them. But you can begin to change your mind and that means researching ways of urbanized gardening for example, searching out the opportunities for growing your own food, purchasing bulk organic foods from cooperatives, there are many, many systems that advanced and evolved revolutionary beings have already set up. This is not new. The revolution to return to mother earth and organic food and natural systems has been going on for several decades on your planet, and there are solar panel companies and hydroponic plant growing companies and hippie communes all over the world who are practicing these systems. It is those of you that are stuck in cities that are the ones that are having the worst time of it. So begin to research what you can do where you are. Begin to research the possibilities for yourself within the structures that exist in your neighborhood, in your home. There are many, many ways that you can begin to shift your consciousness towards change.


This is the one constant in your world, everything changes. It always has and it always will, when you stuck in duality and in the world of the ego. The real reality is unchanging unity consciousness and that is what you are walking towards and working towards, and you will all eventually get there. The question is, how many incarnations will you have, how many times will you have to see systems collapse, before you realize that anything that is not loving will not last?

So begin to focus your attention on loving yourself, on doing things that you love, on creating things that are beneficial to your bodies, to your families, to your society, and begin to see that you are the source of every aspect of this society that is teetering at the edge of imbalance.

These are important times, and that is why we are bringing these books through, that is why we are bringing these messages through. The solution is always to focus on love, abundance, health, caring for each other,caring for yourself. How can you care for yourself more today? Get out in nature, eat healthy food, get some comfortable exercise that does not stress the body. Smile at yourself and other beings and shine. Open defenselessness and know that change will always come your way. It is an illusion to think that change and security will come from jobs and houses and paychecks, they don’t. They are illusory instruments from hierarchies that want you to hand over your money to them, and so they have worked very, very hard to convince you that this is the only way you can survive. It is not. Your are divine aspects of God mind and you are the creators of all of your experience. So if you are fearful of the material world you need to change your mind and focus on the spiritual connections that you have with higher frequency beings, and begin to shift yourself up into those realms where creation brings abundance, love, beneficent and healthy systems into being.

We want you to know that there are so many beings here that want to help you that you just have to ask, you have to ask to be shown. But you will not be able to hold on to things that are not loving. The frequency of your planet and your consciousness as a whole is shifting up, up, up, and you must join in or you will fall by the wayside. And that is not a threat, that is just the truth of the matter. As a train speeds up if you don’t hop on at the station you are going to miss it. And that means that if you resist and put your feet on the break all the time and say “I can’t, I’m scared”, then you will get the limitation that you are arguing for, because that is free will and Spirit loves you so much that you get to have whatever you believe in and whatever it is you want, and if it is limitation and fear then you have the ability to have those things as much as you want of them.

Begin to shift your mind towards love and defenselessness and healthy systems, not only for yourselves and your children, but for the future of your beloved Gaia. She is suffering under the hand of this system and beings of high frequency believe in her freedom and believe in your freedom, we believe in the health of your planet and this wonderful, wonderful library of life that it holds. The abundance of genetic material on your planet is beyond comprehension, and you are losing it because of your ignorance and of your limiting beliefs and ideas. So begin to expand your mind, begin to step into your adulthood as a spiritual being, and begin to take responsibility for your contribution to the destruction of your health, the destruction of your planet, the soil, these kinds of things.

Support those beings that grow healthy food, give them your money, give them your support and a smile and those systems will thrive. If you give your money to the systems that are producing poisonous foods and poisonous systems they will continue to thrive for a little while, but the systems that are destroying this planet will not be allowed to continue, there are interventions being made globally on your behalf and the changes are going to happen, whether or not you understand them, whether or not you like them. Your choice is how you are going to handle it. Are you going to come at this changes with an attitude of expansion and love and willingness, and adventure, creativity? You are adventurous, creative beings that have forgotten that you are adventurous and creative, you have become domesticated and you need to get back a little bit of your wild side so that you can enjoy this consciousness evolution and the changes that are coming your way.

We love you all very much and that is why we are here, that is why we are sharing these communications with you so that we can talk you through the shifts and ebbs and flows of energy on your planet. It is a great revolution that is taking place here, it is the same as the revolution that ended slavery. You are ending a different kind of slavery and you will walk through a different era on your planet and that is why so many of you are here, because you want to see it, you want to experience it. Breaking free is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world, and that is what spiritual evolution is about. It is about experiencing experience and coming to see when an unpleasant experience comes to an end it feels wonderful. Just like when you break free of your physical bodies in death many of you have a most ecstatic experience, but you don’t need to wait until you die to break free. It is all mind, and you are able to bring your freedom into manifestation now. But you must focus and train yourself to focus on what you want, what you believe in and the connections that you have with the higher realms that are guiding this place and you as well.

Channeled by Tina Spalding on August, 27th through our Live Streaming

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