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Discover timeless teachings from Ananda & Jesus, Channeled through Tina who experienced her Kundalini awakening after studying ACIM for several years. Her guides and Teachers Ananda are bringing forth many beings to help assist humanity in our elevation of consciousness to the new earth.

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What people say

Susan Wheeler

Wonderful! I've just enjoyed my second channeling. It's so helpful to listen to discussion related to the Course and to connect with others on the same path. Thanks Tina and Ken

Phoebe Darlington

Love being part of this family and having access to the videos through the membership. I also like how active Tina has gotten on Facebook. It's great to read her comments which are often different from my (initial) responses and help me get to right thinking. They're very helpful. And, Ken, I loved that you answered questions on the webinar when Tina's power went out. You and Jen are very much part of this community and your feedback and examples are helpful. And you both contribute to the feeling of family.

David w Wilson

It's been wonderful to date. I am a functioning part of a widespread family of people who get to hear from, learn from and be blessed by the Real Jesus and Ananda though this arrangement. Most people could not imagine such a thing, and so often doubt that such as this is possible. Although I don't know how you do it, the workers of this 'Channeling agency' have always been kind, sensitive and most human throughout my interactions. I am moved and blessed that , somehow, the Real Jesus is even with me daylong, night long. To Tina and Ken and all who assist in this function. I need God, and you are enhancing His access to me. I am so glad to be a Member!