The Zodiac Series

As an artist and spiritual seeker, the signs of the zodiac and their meaning have always intrigued me, so when I was gifted with a studio space and some money to paint a few years ago I was inspired to create this large body of work.  As a wildlife artist and innovator (I really like creating unique images and ideas) I wanted to create works that made us take a new look at an old concept; “The Zodiac”, and so I included animals and ideas that were not conventionally associated with the traditional renderings of the astrological signs.

Some of these animals are, of course, familiar, the lion of Leo and the ram of Aries, but not so much the mermaid of Pisces or the wolf of Cancer. These images ask you to feel your way into your sign and look at what those qualities inspire you to do. It’s important for us to learn from our zodiac sign, to learn and grow using both the evolved and un-evolved aspects on our path to our consciousness evolution.

These painting stand alone as art pieces, and you may even like an image that is not your own sign, that’s Ok. Perhaps you identify with those qualities yet to be developed or aspire to. Either way, please enjoy these images, and should you feel moved to purchase one of these high quality, giclee prints, the energy of creativity and the heart of innovation will come with your purchase.

​Creativity and the animals of this world take us out of the intellect and into the heart, where our opening to Spirit is facilitated.

​Be brave and feel your way into the art, yourself, and the world of communion with Spirit.

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The Wildlife Series

​I have long been overcome by the desire to paint wildlife. Tigers and the big African animals have especially intrigued me, as well as more local fauna like salmon and bears. The detail of fur and light in their eyes is a joy to render and its always such a pleasure to get it just right, to bring the two dimensional canvas alive. These images  will bring the majesty and beauty of the animal kingdom into your home, they are infused with all the good energy I have!

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