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Personalized Channeled Reading

Tina Louise Spalding, trance channel, is pleased to offer one on one Skype sessions with her and Ananda. These exceptional Offerings are 1.5 hours in duration during which Tina and Ananda will converse and teach about any subject or subjects of your choosing. You will want to record the sessions as a great deal of information is brought forth.

Tina has an increasing number of bookings so please be patient after you filled in the booking form, it might take some time.
You will get a personal email from Tina to confirm your session.

Book a session

Before the session please make sure that you:

  • Fill in the form on this page.
  • Have received a reply email from Tina’s confirming your appointment.
  • Prepaid with PayPal or transfer, this will secure your appointment time, but only after Tina has confirmed the time.
  • Skype is working so that our time is used for your session.

Pay with PayPal

Please only pay after you have scheduled the session with Tina, she will provide you with option to pay by email at the confirmation of the appointment.

Call with Skype

The time of session will be decided on booking based on availability. Duration 1.5h with cost of $250 USD payable through PayPal prior to the session.

Tina helped me so much during a time of extreme confusion in my life. I was guided to contact her and through her channeling of Ananda and Jesus, I was able to see through the heavy cloud I had constructed in my life. She lovingly shared her personal experiences with me and the truth of who I truly am came to light. The wealth of information that Tina brings through is priceless and fascinating. We all need a helping hand during this amazing time of awakening and Tina is there for anyone that is searching for answers. Thank you my dear friend, I am blessed to have met you and my life will never be the same.

Jenifer Beles
I scheduled an appointment with Ananda to address over three years of debilitating insomnia. In addition to recommending specific activities and steps I could implement to restore healthy sleep (which are working!), Ananda also provided deep spiritual insights as to how I was holding myself back; how I could enhance my connection with my Guides; and how to greatly enhance my spiritual practice. It was the most helpful information I’ve received after 20 years of continually seeking help for anxiety, autoimmune diseases, and lifelong sleep disruptions.