Jesus: My Autobiography

Jesus: My Autobiography

Jesus-My-Autobiography“I have come at this time, in this place, and through this being to speak my truth, to speak the story of my life — the true story of my life.”

The purpose of this book is to clarify, to tell the truth, and to share my energies with you so that you can begin the transformation of your mind and, therefore, the transformation of your heart and your world. It is in the misteachings that have been associated with my name that much death and pain has been caused and that much guilt and self-recrimination has been expressed. That was not my purpose; that was not my lesson.
This story will begin the change. It will not make the change. It will facilitate turning the key in the lock, but you must open the door and walk through it into a new realm that is opened by this information. That is your responsibility. We can only bring you the message, this channel and I. We can only work together to transmit the information, but it is through your actions and your transformation that you will see a change in your world, a change in the subjective world that is manufactured from your beliefs, your thoughts, and your feelings.

I talk about the truth of my birth and the truth of my life. I cover some stories that are recounted in the Bible and tell you the true story of those events. I describe some of my personal traits, my human traits, and I define what I am, who I am, and why these things happened. You will be able to understand the truth, and you will begin this reconditioning, this retooling of your mind — of your thoughts and beliefs — on this subject of my life, my meaning, and my purpose, for it is a long process. The time is ripe. The need for a spiritual revolution is here.

— Jesus

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Stephan Soderberg

I wonder if you plan to make a audio version of the book?
I got dyslexia and I read with my ears. Love the audio books format. 🙂

I discovered and read this amazing teaching while recently on vacation in St. John, VI. I couldn’t put the book down and my beloved was a bit jealous that I was reading so much while we were in the middle of the glorious experience of the tropical island that is St. John. As a student and group leader of ACIM gatherings I immediately recognized my teacher in this book. The story of J’s experience of enlightenment made my own journey seem more reasonable. I am filled with a renewed sense of excitement that awakening is possible during this lifetime! I… Read more »