You Can Free Yourself From the Karma of Chaos

You Can Free Yourself From the Karma of Chaos

Karma of Chaos

TWe have come here as a group to help you because it is a pivotal time in your planet’s evolution. You are seeing monumental changes in your society now. To achieve the shifts that these transfigurations will bring about, you must understand your minds, histories, and human nature as you experience it on the ground, in your hearts, and in your consciousnesses.
You are going to be shown another version of the story about one of the great horrors of your twentieth century — the Holocaust. This kind of devastation has happened many times in your society. There have been massacres, mass extinctions, and social atrocities throughout your history, but this one continues to live in your hearts and minds. We must address it so that you can move into the new world — your new elevating and increasing frequency of consciousness — without old baggage.
Your baggage, judgments, and fears must be released for you to enter this new world, this new time on your planet, with clear and uncontaminated minds. It is our purpose to bring you through this journey so that you will understand, forgive, and walk unencumbered into your new future.
— Ananda

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Hi, I’d like to get your sixth book in paperback form. Looks like Amazin is only offering a Kindle version. Would welcome any suggestions as to how I obtain one. Thank you!

Kenneth Berentzen

Hi Linda, you can contact the publisher directly to ask when the paperback version is available in your country:

I sent an email in the contact section from the publisher link you posted here, right now only the kindle version is available on Amazon in the US


Hello Tina, i am Helga from Germany and i would like very much to read your new book, and maybe translate it into German. I am sure, that it would be very interesting for the people here in Germany.
I cannot find it in Paperback on the Amazon page.
How can i buy it?
Thank You for your work!
I am studying the ACIM since 1,5 years and am amazed of the wisdom in it!
It gives me lots of joy to read and learn from these books!

Love and Joy

How come your last 3 books are only available in kindle at I am a book person myself and I am anxious to get them. After reading them I have passed them on to my 2 dear sisters and now they are beginning their own Awaken journey. Joanne

How do I purchase your lastest book on audio? I have an iPhone and I’m having a hard time find it.