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Channeled Live Streaming

Premium Subscription

Inner Circle

You now have the chance to be part of Tina´s inner circle, where you get access directly from her stream of channeling. We are hosting streaming channeling sessions live every month, where you get to participate, ask questions and follow along the conversation.

With a subscription you will get access to:

  • Exclusive Live Streaming – 2 each month*, emailed a week in advance.
  • We Store at least 10 Live Streaming recordings to re-watch if you can’t participate at the live event.
  • Secret Facebook group with spiritual discussions.
  • Significant discounts.
  • First dibs on registration for retreats and workshops.
  • Not to mention all transmissions from Jesus & Ananda!

Live Transmissions

Every time Tina is channeling, both Jesus and Ananda will be working with raising your frequency to Love, allowing you to remember your true nature and power. If you are sensitive enough and open for it you will be able to feel this.

Inner Circle

Ananda is Tina´s Guides and Teachers that she´s channeling. They are Tina´s gate keepers to allow other beings to come through her.​

Jesus has been a great mystery in our western world. Now you can learn hands on the teachings that he was conveying when he was incarnating on this earth. He still is actively assisting to raise the conciousness of beings here.​

In our Live Streaming we will be discussing all things spiritual in our modern life but also how to apply the book A Course In Miracles (ACIM) into our lives with forgiveness practises that Jesus has brought forth.


​Premium Subscription

  • ​2 Live Channelings Each Month
  • ​10 Last Recorded Live Streaming Videos
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 60% Discount On New Released Videos
  • $33 a month
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