Support & Help

How to Subscribe to Premium Membership

This video explains how to subscribe to our service. Explaining what things mean and how you go to PayPal to then complete the payment.

How to Access the Member Page to see the recorded Live Videoes

Here we show how to Login and access the Recorded Live Videos Archive.

How to change your subscription and see when it renews

See how to go to your subscription where you can cancel and renew your subscription. You can also see when your subscription is up for renewal here.

How to Chat on the Live Streaming

See how to chat with other viewers when the Live Streaming is running.

How to Watch the Live Streaming

3 Emails get´s sent out for every Live Streaming. One about a week before, one 24 hours before and one hour before the event with a Link to the Streaming.Also explains how to ask a Question before each live streaming.

How to check PayPal Recurring Subscription

If you want to check what you get charged, or you are charged double and want to make sure things are setup correctly, please watch this video.

Contact us

If you have any personal questions for Tina then you need to book a personal session with her.

Please have a look at all the videos above before you ask a question. We try to cover the most asked questions there. If you still have a question or a comment please use the form to contact us. 🙂