What Does Jesus Think Of The Election ?

Jesus on the US election 2016 – channeled by Tina Spalding

Your obsession with war is the underlying problem in your society.

I am that one that you know as Jesus, and this is really a wonderful time in your society’s development, even if it does not feel like it. These communications that we are having with humanity through this being are designed to focus your mind on love. That is what I taught on the earth plane when I was here so many years ago, and that is what I am teaching now through this being.

Focus your mind on love. It is an obsession with war that has brought into manifestation the fractiousness and the upset and the emotional distress that everybody is feeling now. When a mind is trained into believing that attack is the solution, then war is manifested. Now,war can take many forms. War can look like an agitated mind, war can look like hating your mother in law, war can look like gossiping about your boss, war can look like bombing another country. These are all different manifestations of conflict. The difference is in degrees, but they are of the same frequency and this is what we want you to understand as you reel from the energy that has been generated by this election.


This election did not cause these feelings, your education and your indoctrination into judgment, war and conflict are the original cause of these feelings. Because when you see this person that you believe, as a collective, when you see this person elected what comes up in the mind are visions of violence. What comes up in the mind are visions of war. These visions are not being created from nothing, they are being manufactured from all the violence and war images that have ever gone into your consciousness. So if the same consciousness had been implanted with love, feelings of kindness, images of humans being nice to each other, these images of fear would not arise in the mind now.

So this is what we want you to know, it is you that have created the visions in your mind that are arising now, from the past entertainments and the past news reels and the past judgmental thoughts and ideas that have gone through your consciousness. Everything that comes up in the mind in the form of images and ideas about the future have been implanted in the mind repeatedly, and this is what is so important for all of you to understand, that it is what you do every day that creates your future. It is what you think about all the time that creates the physical manifestations that are going come into being in the future. So this current experience, this divisive world that you are witnessing, this accusatory language that is being thrown around on your televisions and in your conversations with each other, (people are losing friendships over this voting that has transpired), they are having arguments with people, they are dismissing people as value-less, a waste of energy because they voted for this person, these are all demonstrations of war, separation, hatred and the ego mind at play.

This reaction doesn’t come from nowhere, it has been fed and nurtured and brought into being by thousands and thousands of hours of watching fearful images, ideas and beliefs. The only way that you are going to bring into being in your world that which is love, that which is kindness, that which is generosity and equality, (this is the next big evolutionary jump for your society, equality), you must put those beliefs and ideas into your consciousness now, you must begin now to feed love and compassion and equality into your consciousness. That means if you see inequality anywhere in your world that you begin to speak up about it.

Let us say somebody makes a sexist joke, whether it be about a man or a woman, we want the women stand up as well and say “it’s not funny to put down men, it’s not funny to put down women, it’s not funny to put down somebody of another race or another religion”. These are the times that these seeds are sown, when you stand by quietly and do not say anything.

Now some people believe that to be spiritual you must not ruffle anyone’s feathers or say anything that is upsetting, but remember the upset arises in the other person because of where their consciousness is, you are not causing the upset. You are merely speaking loving words saying “in my humble opinion as long as we attack anybody this world is not going to get better. I can’t stand by and let you attack a Muslim or a Christian or a Jew, or a woman or a man, or a black person or a white person.” If everybody stood up and said “that is not acceptable, we must love each other” then this world would change. It is only in the unconsciousness, it is only in the complicity of silence that these things carry on.


If, for example, you go to a store and they have what you consider a sexist or inappropriate advertisement or display of some kind, you can go to the store manager and say “I do not appreciate having that sexist advertisement in your store. Please know that I don’t approve of it.” Now we are not talking about being prudish here, we are not talking about going back in time and making laws about sexual expression, that is not what we are saying. We are saying: become aware of where prejudices are trained into us. They are trained into the consciousness of the West through advertising, through repetitive images that you see all over the place. Begin to realize that it is in these things that the seeds of hatred and division are planted, and then entertained in the mind, and that it is the individual’s job to pay attention to those things.

Most beings are trained and conditioned in this society to do as they are told, and we have mentioned this many, many times. What you must begin to be willing to entertain is the idea that sometimes people aren’t going to like what you do. Sometimes people are going to ask you to do things that you don’t want and you have the right to not do that. You have the right to say “I don’t feel like it” or “I don’t want to do it” or “I can’t help you with that right now” or “I am afraid you are going to have to do that by yourself” because it doesn’t feel right to you. This is where your spiritual practice really begins. And this is what you must pay attention to after this election. This does not feel good, this ranting and raving that I’m doing or this judgment that I’m hurling against this person, these beliefs that have been activated in my consciousness don’t feel good. I am suffering right now, I’m afraid, I’m angry, I’m upset. These are the ways that you come to begin to understand that you are out of alignment with love. But when you are deeply immersed in fear, when you are living in a mind that is so distorted, and that unfortunately is the case for most of people who watch a lot of television and watch a lot of movies and violence, their minds are very, very distorted, they will not have loving thoughts. They will not be generating a high frequency and so there is a process that you must go through, as an individual, first of all to accept “I don’t feel happy, I don’t feel good, I don’t feel loving towards this person” and then to come to understand that that means that what you’re doing is wrong. Not what they are doing but what you’re doing!

All the feelings that are coming up in each of you are coming up from YOUR consciousness, they aren’t coming from someone outside of you, they are coming from your own hatreds, your own judgments, your own lack of loving perception. They are not coming from anywhere else but from within your own interpretation of the world, and in the end that is all you have to change. You have to come to a place of understanding that interpreting the world as a hateful place will mean that you are not happy.
Interpreting the world as a loving place and bringing love to each situation to the best of your ability is going to make everything better. But you must know what has been done to your consciousness. You must know what has been done to train you into fear and loathing and judgment, and that is our job.

We bring books through this being, we bring many recordings through this being, trance-channeled recordings through this being which means that she is surrendering her consciousness as an act of love for you.


That is what is happening here. This being has decided that beings of higher mind are allowed to use her consciousness, her body, her voice to help you evolve. Because she was un-evolved she added love to her consciousness and she stopped suffering. And she knows that the more of you that come to understand that the more loving you are, the less judgmental you are, the more forgiving you are, the less you will suffer, and that is why she has made this love offering to all of you. So we want you remind you of that, that this is not some random act here. This being is allowing us to use her body-mind as an act of love for you, so that you may hear these messages and that you may come to understand that what creates war and what creates peace. YOU CREATE WAR AND YOU CREATE PEACE. You create war in your mind first of all, or you create peace in your mind first of all. And when you create war in your mind you generate hateful thoughts and those hateful thoughts generate hateful words. If you plant peace in your mind you bring loving thoughts into mind and you will express loving words and then you will express loving actions. And then, if each of you do this, you will create a loving society.

So stop looking at Mr. Trump as the problem, stop looking at a government as the problem and go inside your own mind and ask yourself: “Why am I so fearful? Why am I so angry? Why am I so judgmental? Why am I feeling so much hatred for this person? I don’t even know him. All I have done is to think a story that somebody else has told me about him. It is a grand form of gossip.”

We want you to know on this side that change from the old paradigm, from the status quo of unconsciousness and going along like a herd of sheep is a very, very good thing, but you have a choice in this moment, to bring hatred and judgment and fear into this new administration or you have the opportunity to send this person loving thoughts, supportive thoughts, kind thoughts, that will change the frequency of the society and that is why we are here.

We are here to tell you that the thoughts you hold are creating your society, not the thoughts that man holds. He is a reflection. And as you change your mind, he will change. The more of you that side with love, the more of you that become miracle-minded thinkers

– that means that you are aligning with the truth, that thought is the beginning of manifestation; thoughts, feelings and actions comes from those un-manifested aspects of your interial world-

When you understand this truly and completely you will know that every time you send Mr. Trump a loving thought, a compassionate thought, a supportive thought, you will work a miracle, you will see this man changing in front of your very eyes and he will not be the demon that you think he is.

But it is in awareness, it is in compassion, it is in love and it is in courage that you will make this transformation. So go deep inside and become aware of your hatred, your prejudices, your fear, your protectionism, your narrow-mindedness, and in doing that you will say and do and be kinder and more loving, and it is that that will change your society. Attacking him will not. It will bring you more of the same, more war, more conflict, more violence.

Turn your televisions off, turn on loving programs that inform you about your consciousness and kindness and how to raise healthy foods and healthy families and you will be proving in your actions and your words and your deeds that you are pro-choice, that means choosing love over everything else. That is what we want you to think of ‘pro-choice’ as. Pro- choice means you chose love every time and in that choice you will bring into manifestation a world that is a joy to live in. That is what is coming your way.

There is a golden era coming onto your planet and this is part of it. Do not be deceived by the rhetoric that is out there, do not be deceived by the messages of the television, they have not got your best interest at heart. Go inside, quieting down your minds, connect with your guides and teachers, connect with us, through the maintenance of peace in your mind. You must get your minds into a peaceful state and that is what these books that this being is bringing through are designed to do. They are designed to instruct you, to teach you and help you to understand that life is to be lived in a frequency of love, kindness and compassion. Nothing else will do. You will continue to suffer as long as you judge. Stop judging him as a judger. Stop being that negative voice to yourself and bring love to the situation and everything will change. It will change quickly. When you chose love day after day, week after week, your body will change, your life will change, your relationships will change, your government will change. Your government is merely a reflection of the frequency of your country. So that is the thought that we want to leave you with today: Your government is a reflection of the frequency of your country. That means the collective thoughts of all of you are manifested for you to see.

Are you happy with it? Or do you think it’s time to change your mind?

I am the one that you know as Jesus and I’m not the Jesus that you think I am. I am a revolutionary, I always was a revolutionary and I am a revolutionary now. I bring to you revolutionary ideas but they are not new ideas. They are merely ideas that have been suppressed for many, many centuries. Now is the time for each of you to stand up and be counted as a warrior for the love revolution. Don’t be deceived by your television sets, don’t be deceived by the indoctrinations that you’ve had through your movies. Violence is not the answer, hatred is not the answer, judgment is not the answer.

Forgive them for they know not what they do. They are confused and they are separated from love. It is your responsibility to connect to yourself with love first and then to shine that beacon out for everybody else to see.


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